Bagelcode is a data-driven mobile publisher.

From the early days, we experienced the A to Z of the mobile game industry:
We produced mobile games, collaborated with global publishers, provided our own services and more,
and moreover bred data, AI technologies and UA marketing capabilities with the top talents of each field.

With the experiences and know-how learned from the global market,
we will help you scale your mobile business all the way.

Services we provide

  • Marketing


    • User Acquisition funding
    • Media buying management
    • Inhouse creative support
    • App store optimization
  • AI/Data Tools

    AI/Data tools

    • Data Engineering & BI Infrastructure
    • Tailored dashboards
    • AI-powered tech
  • Performance Optimization

    Performance optimization

    • Personalized offers & game contents
    • CRM automation
    • Monetization support
    • Dedicated BI
  • Content Support

    Content support

    • Game design
    • Art production support
    • Global audience appeal


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